Join us October 12-14, 2018 at Taylor University
We invite you to come CONNECT and ENGAGE during Homecoming and Family Weekend

Frequently Asked Questions about Homecoming & Family Weekend

Q: What is included in my Homecoming & Family Weekend registration fee?
A: Lunch on Saturday (Tailgate or Reunion Row), tickets to all weekend athletic events, as well as an opportunity to register for many other weekend events, including the NEEDTOBREATHE concert. 

Q: I’m not planning to attend sporting events and/or lunch on Saturday. Do I still have to pay the $15/$10 HFW registration fee?
A: Yes, we would appreciate it if you would register for the weekend and pay the registration fee.  There are multiple mailings, printed pieces, food-related events and other costs associated.  The registration fee offsets these expenses.  The meal and athletic tickets are simply a benefit for our guests.

Q: I have allergies; will there be food that I can eat?
A: Most all of our menus are buffet style, so there will be an assortment of menu/diet options.  We will provide for the major dietary needs – gluten free and vegetarian.  An allergen guide will be available for each meal.

Q: What meal options are available Friday morning, Friday lunch, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon?
A: The Taylor Dining Commons will provide their regular food service for the above meal times. Guests purchase these meals at the Hodson Dining Commons.  They are not included in your Homecoming and Family Weekend registration and cannot be purchased at the Homecoming and Family Weekend registration table.
          Friday breakfast (7 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.) $5.75 adult/$3.00 child (3-12) 
          Friday lunch (11 a.m. - 2 p.m.) $7.95 adult/$4.00 child (3-12) 
          Saturday breakfast (7 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.) $5.75 adult/$3.00 child (3-12) 
          Sunday lunch (11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.) $7.95 adult/$4.00 child (3-12) 

Q: Do I pay extra for Food truck food, or is it included in my Homecoming & Family Weekend registration fee?  
A: The Tailgate Lunch (parents/non-reunion alumni) and Reunion Row lunch (reunion year alumni) are included in your Homecoming & Family Weekend registration fee. Food trucks are not included.  Each individual food truck vendor collects fees for food (cash/charge). 

Q: What is the dress attire for Friday/Saturday Reunion Dinners?
A: Most guests choose to wear business casual attire.  

Q: I'm participating in the 5K/Bike Ride, is there a place on campus for me to shower after this event?
A: Yes. There are two men's and two women's showers available for use in the Eichling Aquatics Wing of the Kesler Student Activities Center until 10:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Q: The Lifelong Learning Session that I want to attend is SOLD OUT, is there any chance this will change?
A: Lifelong Learning Sessions did have limited availability due to room size.  We understand, however, that some people may have registered for a session and then not be able to attend. If you are not registered for a session, you are welcome to go to the session location and ask the facilitator if there is room for you to attend.  We simply ask that you allow those who are registered for the session to have priority entrance.  As a non-registered attendee, we cannot guarantee there will be space.

Q: Is there a cost for NEEDTOBREATHE​ tickets?
A: No, there is no charge for NEEDTOBREATHE tickets.  For alumni and parents, there is a registration fee for attending Homecoming and Family Weekend, of which NEEDTOBREATHE is a free event once a person is registered for the weekend. There is no cost for students, faculty or staff.

Q: I am a Taylor parent; and, I’m not coming to HFW. Can my student get tickets to the NEEDTOBREATHE​ concert?
A: Yes, students will be able to reserve a ticket starting August 29 at 10 a.m.  Students will get information regarding how and when to register for these tickets at the start of the school year via their Taylor email address.  Each student will be able to reserve one ticket.  Tickets are free of charge. There is a limited number of student tickets.

Q: What is a ‘lap child?’
A: Children two and under do not require a ticket and are considered lap-children.  This means that they should not take up space that could be used for an additional ‘ticketed’ individual.  This is much like the airlines – the child will be held by a ticketed individual during the concert.  Please no strollers as these take up space that can be used for an additional ticketed guest. A diaper bag is permitted. 

Q: What if NEEDTOBREATHE tickets ‘sell out?’  Does that mean I’ll miss the show?
A: Due to this being the first concert in the Bond Plaza venue, exact capacity of this area is unknown at this time.  Guests are welcome to sit/stand on the lawn around the Bond Plaza to enjoy the concert (there may be limited visibility).  Guests may also wait in a designated queue area to see if additional space in the Bond Plaza becomes available.  As space allows, guests will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.

Q: Where is the queue for waiting for additional tickets/seating? And, when will this line be open?
A: The location of the queue is currently pending.  When this location has been determined, it will be posted on the NEEDTOBREATHE tab of the HFW website – There will also be signage denoting this area on the day of the event.  

Q: What does it mean when it says my student’s meal card will be charged/swiped for the event?
A: Each student has a meal plan that has an allotted number of meals per week. For Reunion Row lunch and for the Presidential Prayer Brunch, your student’s meal allocation will be reduced by one meal i.e. charged/swiped.  All other meals will require your student to swipe their card just as they would traditionally do when eating on campus.